British Council Winter School in Ukraine (Lviv) in scope of the “English for Universities”

February 19-24, 2018, assistant professors of the department of foreign languages ​​for natural sciences Vakariuk R.V. and Nizhnik L.I. participated in the Winter School of the British Council in Ukraine in Lviv in scope of of the “English for Universities” project and received certificates in Vocational Language Teaching: Essentials.

During the course teachers:

  • learnt key concepts and the place of English for Specific Purposes ESP in the general picture of the study of foreign languages;
  • studied the motivation and needs of students when learning a professional foreign language;
  • exploited different contexts of language use in a professional environment and developed authentic tasks for students studying a professional foreign language;
  • developed a training plan for students studying a professional foreign language, taking into account the final and intermediate aims of the class and its outcomes for those who are learning the language;
  • learned and used in practice advanced approaches to language learning, different types of effective work and student interaction;
  • learned and practised different ways of learning the language (audio, video, kinesthetic way, through reading, visual aids);
  • learnt computer educational applications for student testing and assessment;
  • learnt the criteria for the selection of educational materials for the construction of a course on professional English for specific subjects;
  • exchanged teaching experience with lecturers from other universities of Ukraine.

The trainers of the course provided lecturers with handouts for the course, which replenished the library of the department. The course proved to be very informative and useful for the teachers of the department, since one of the main directions in work of the department is methodological activity and the development of effective courses on professional English for specific specialties.

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